Green Caption


We provide high quality, end-to-end subtitling service. Our team of specialized subtitle translators can cover any service required, from subtitle creation for any type of material (Drama, Talk shows, Scientific Shows, etc), to proofreading, syncing and quality control. Subtitling services include:

Subtitle Creation

The complete creation of subtitle files from scratch, even without a transcript, and exporting the final file to any format required by any platform (Youtube, Netflix, any broadcasting or streaming service).


Transcription or Same language subtitling (SLS) makes reading practice an incidental, automatic, and subconscious part of popular TV entertainment.

Closed Captioning and SDH

Subtitles for the deaf or hard-of-hearing (SDH) refers to regular subtitles in the original language where important non-dialog information has been added, as well as speaker identification, which may be useful when the viewer cannot otherwise visually tell who is saying what.


With the increase in subtitling formats and platforms, migrating one platform to another can be a headache. We can help you export your old library of subtitle files into any format suitable for any platform.

Burn-in subtitles

Burning subtitles to DVD.


We provide high quality, end-to-end dubbing and voice-over services for any type of material (Drama, Talk shows, Scientific Shows, etc)

Experienced, creative teams of translators, lyricists, casting, directors, voice-over directors, musical directors, actors, singers, quality control officers and linguists.

Large talents database, males and females in all ages, prints of voices and types of characters.

Dubbing team has been practicing dubbing for more than seven years.

Translators have the experience to produce classical, colloquial or hybrid translations of texts originally written in English, French, German and other languages.

Colloquial dubbing, we have teams of translators, directors and actors to produce dubbing in Egyptian or Syrian dialects, not to mention classical Arabic & Our services include dubbing from many languages into English, French, German, not just into Arabic.

Lip-sync by mother-tongue language specialists.

All kinds of Arabic dubbing e.g. Animation, Documentary, Live Action, Games etc. Including features, series, TV-Programs, promos and other types.

Plenty of studios, which enable us to produce various projects at the same time.

The most recent Mix technology, including “5.1” mix (surround).

Finally, we are proud to say that we deliver the best quality and at the same time respect schedules and honor deadlines.


In the age of globalization, you need your digital content translated into all targeted audience. Our team can help you translate any digital product such as:


Advertisement & Promotion Videos.


Audio Books.

Mobile Apps.


Translation is only the first step of localization; the process takes into account Arab audience and how they perceive your content. We don't translate time, date and currency formats only, we can also help in the adjustment of your software layout to accommodate Arabic readers.

Our team is capable of fully testing your localized product, be it desktop software, a website or a mobile application.


Accuracy and consistency are our goal. Our clients will get documents translated with full understanding for the subject and context in all fields.

We hire specialized translators or translators with background in certain fields (engineering, medical, etc) for a better quality of translation in these fields.

Our in-house quality control process insures the proofreading of every file for both translation quality and grammatical correctness.

Translation services include:

Meta-data translation.

Document translation.


Books & Magazines.

Corporate Projects.


With localization in mind, our team of creative writers can help writing and translating your content in many fields.